segunda-feira, 8 de maio de 2017

One more box

From October last year.

He opens one more box, that box, the one he swear to not open anymore. Eyes closed, deep breath, could he feel the smell of blood - because in the Palace, blood never get dry. Any other person would be disgusted, maybe a while ago he would pretend that this happen to him too, but not now, not him.

Something awaken inside of him, from the broken balance comes a kind of balance he never thought he would have. Madness acceptance.
That's what it is all about, that's how it should have being.

He looks inside the box, a smile appears in his face, the craziest smile on earth.
"So, that's it, was you all the time, watching, waiting, feeling, saying nothing"
A fog cover the room, he gets a old knife from inside the box. "the knife that seal my mouth, the knife that sliced my mind"
He smell the old fresh looking blood on the blade, look for the bloody mess inside, the boots, the flags, the razors, the mess. "that's how it should have being".

Laugh so madly that would shivers any demon around. Grab a spiked neck lace and a suit from inside.

"Let's fix it".

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