quinta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2016

At the right time.. A perfect match

Editor's note: Read on mobile for a better experience. This is a dream from months ago, described by DH6, any coincidence with reality is just Delirium, which is not "just", Delirium and Despair are relevant ..

It was a neutral place. They were free from all powers that rule the earth and yet they couldn't say a word.
Need not, their eyes said it all. Her beautiful eyes shining as he touches her hair and his eyes getting deeper and deeper as he recognize what he was looking for in her eyes. Their hands touching as they lay there, facing each other. A match, not any match, the right one, the perfect one.

"So close, so far" he thought.

The eyes can say things that the words can't. But some worlds are ruled by words, written words. So.. wrote. Never said who it was for, but she wrote, not once, not twice.. many times. And he suffered for knowing, but he couldn't say it loud.

Now, with his eyes into her eyes, he knew what was the very deepest truth. So deep as he knows his brown-turning-black eyes are.

A bloody match.
They fought all kinds of evil. They walked among the shadows and ruled over them. They faced the odds without even knowing they were fighting together.

Darkness and bloody war,

They know one thing.. at the right time, with the right decision and action.. that's a perfect match.

Everything changes, not along some time, but immediately. He is now at the front door of a pub.

"Are you ok with that" said his brother.
"Yes" answered him "I can handle".

The other one continued "I admire your endurance, you really play the long game brother".

No answer came, too concentrated on that piece of paper. He knew what was write in the missing parts. He knows unwritten truth.

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