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- Willyans Maciel

"Kill them all" said the captain as the boys started to shot dead every single one around.
And captain yelled at the window for the Target that was inside building. He answer as if nothing was happening, without even looking by the window, sarcastically "what will you do for me". To which the captain replied "more than we done for your vessels, look at the window"..

The Target looked down and saw the corpses on the street, all dead, every single one of the men he sent to contain the captain.
But the captain and his boys were not there. "Where are you your bastard" said the Target turning to grab a gun. Didn't came to the gun over the table, he freezes when realized the boys were already there.

"Oh, the smell of a fresh scalp in the morning, nothing can compare" said the captain with a very sharp tomahawk in his left hand. He couldn't count but there was too many of the boys there to fight back, all holding their loaded guns.
"I have a last wish" said the Target, trying to gain some time "I want to have a beer".
The captain conceits "let the man have a beer before we take his scalp".
"I have family" said him.
The captain was angry now, damn it how angry he was "the men you send to stop us also had family, did you saw we hesitating on them? Why would us hesitate on you, piece of shit?"
The Target started to cry like a baby, bagging for them to not kill him. As he cry, the desire to see him dead just increase. But Captain was smarter.

"A deal can we make, heave ho heave ho". The crying stopped and the Target was curious "what kind of deal?". The Captain continuous "I don't scalp you alive and you tells us where to find spherical bullets on this side of the world" that may have looked like a hell of a good deal for him, for the Target was smiling "I do, go for the bridge, a guy who attend for the name of Retaliation".
The boys check the information quickly and Captain took a deep breath then spit to the side "kill him". Surprise in the Target eyes, why surprise? "But you said.. We made a deal.." yelled him "exactly bastard" replied the Captain, "I said that I would not scalp you alive".


That is generally that part in which the Target  should cry a lot more and complain and we may even have some talks about moral and stuff. Not here, first mate just put a bullet between Target eyes before he could say even a word. Guys are pretty effective at this crew.

The first mate, with the hands full of blood from scalping the Target, yelled "should I report cap?", to which the Captain yelled back while leaving the room eating some peanuts he found at the table "Tell Vickl" and for himself "we are going for the bridge"!

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