sábado, 30 de julho de 2016

A better man: Signs, hurt, no suffering

Live in such a way that in your final moments you can sing My Way sincerely.

Sometimes you start wanting it all right now and you feel that you need to take action in a particular direction. Than comes life and show you that you must be patient and remain calm, you still have things to do before throwing yourself to that. The signs are all there, you need to be able to see it.
How can you take that particular action if you know that this will lead to pain and trouble, for you and others you care? The better man has the duty to protect. Exposing them to situations that may lead to suffering is not protection.
It will hold any real good? Will you be able to enjoy the results when you still struggles with a lot of other things? You have to think as you weere in the situation, 'cause you really are. How can you think that a particular action will put you close to what you want if the situation you are in now put you away? Taking that action will not solve the present situation, but make it worst 'cause you gonna feel more. Worst yet, doing it in a not so wise manner may expose yours to the very situations that you are trying to help avoid. When you see the signs and you think "oh shit, that could happen any day of the week" and you realize you need to plan better and execute better. Even yet if you've already made the decision.
Of corse you need to be sincere, but how can you make other suffer just to feel better being sincere.
Not saying to lie, never, but would not be better to wait until you can make sure you are not going to expose the significant other to threats or menace?
The pain is a thing of life, deal with that by now, but suffer not, understand why are you proceeding with caution and avoid suffering by understanding what you wanna do at the utmost. Be the better man you can be and keep improving.
Good men are moral. They act and judge well. They are honest and gentle.
Better men do that too and a lot more. The better man is more. The better man deal with pain, protect their significant one and provide, even when it is not aparently needed he keeps the capacity to do that, 'cause he is the better man, the real one. A better man enjoy the hardships and kneel for no one,  better man suffer not, because he knows where it all is going. Better man understand cause and effect, actions and consequences, better man plan and execute. Better man make enemies of those searching to hurt the ones of his breed. He stands for what is right, even alone. Better man needs no reputation, althought that's good in society, he has most courage than all others together.
Good man is sincere but sometimes fool, better man is brave enough to hide his thoughts when needed to protect their significant ones.
The good man has courage, the better man knows that sometimes more courage is required to not take a mindless action and than to think and decide the right time to take action.
The better man plays the long game, not to fight wars but to win them.

Become a better man and don't make others of your own breed suffer.
Protect, provide and propagate!

The best is yet to come..
..but don't forge that it is in the present that you build "the best" that is "yet to come". Act now!

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