terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016

Cold and dark

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He looked at the window, saw the shadows, the fire, the blood, ice, all there. He smile, there was no windows there "stop it Delirium" said in calm warm voice.

She came out from behind a pillar, laughing "am I not allowed to have some fun at your domains?" And looking around "some windows would not make any harm here, it's cold and dark".

He smiled again "you talk like someone that is not used to that" and stayed there, looking at the empty wall.

Although confused by the fact he was smiling, Delirium was just playing around, for she knew she just reflect what is happening, the delusion, the visions of those coming closer to her sister. Or those who dare to be excessively close, even trying to master Death.
"I do not try" said him, like reading her thoughts.

Delirium was used to that, cold and dark. What she was not used is to be called without her twin, Despair. "How can you do that?".

A laugh echoes all around as he said loud, making his ancient accent more clear than he use to allow, "Vickl, he does a very good job". It was clear that was not him laughing, but everything else was calm and quiet as always.

"You proceed through very interesting ways" exclaimed Delirium, almost for herself.
He just looked over the should like saying that it was not for her to understand. Not here, not now.

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