terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016

Black powder, spherical bullets

And I stood there, looking for the damn bastard who was brave enough to shot me in the leg twice but not brave enough to show his face in the middle of the crowd.
Was I with my ACR here, I would shot dead the whole damn crowd. Death would have a lot of work tonight.

"Get out of here Delirium, I'm not delusional yet." I yelled and looking at the leg "Let me check the amount of damage".
Two entering holes in my right calf, 3 or 4 fingers of distance between each other, not a precision weapon for sure. No sign of the bullets getting out on the other side "hope that shit haven't fragmented inside of me" but at this point I was considering myself lucky, since I could still move the leg and the foot, no structure was compromised. "Delirium" I yelled again "back here, I'll remove this from my leg".

She came bouncing sarcastically, as always, "You can't calm me" said calmly, with that voice she gives to dying people  "I come when I am needed".
I was out of my head already, not much patience for Perpetual jokes in a situation like that "don't come with that to me, this is for humans, you are at my party, not Death's end of the world party, help me out here".

Spherical bullets, I could feel it inside my calf, few folks still use this. Damn it Demon King, why the hell you didn't come to bring my ACR or that Ares Sword I required, this bastard would not have made it to escape. "Spherical bullets with black powder, that's interesting" I exclaimed as I pull it out of my leg.

It was very interesting in fact. "A civil war bullet?" even Delirium was impressed "It doesn't happen everyday" Delirium continued "not at your own place". But she was wrong, it was older, spherical bullets like that are a lot older than the civil war Delirium was referring to. And it used to not happen at my place, who made this thinks to be safe. Poor bastard, doesn't understand the size of my Rage.

I finished removing the bullets, a little blood around, some black gunpowder around the wound, making it somewhat beautiful to look at.
After looking at it a little more, admiring my own blood and flesh, I get up firmly, for I know who's trying to hurt me, and I'll get Revenge.

"How you do this?" asked the little boy. For what I exclaimed, a little surprised, must confess "Are you still around? Since Death's party?" and for Death "you not doing a good job my friend" she shrug like she don't care. Never care, until I am right. "It's not wise to try to hurt me at my place" I continue looking at the boy "reality here obey my desire".

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Viviane Patricio disse...

- why is he removing the bullet off his own leg?
- to turn me on?!

Willyans Maciel disse...

- Oh you there Pepper.. I sense you