segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

The monologue of Vickl and Billy

Nota do editor: O post está em inglês porque saiu da minha cabeça assim. Qualquer tradutor dá um jeito nisto, mas se procura significado, está no lugar errado, the crew doesn't care.
Fazem uns dez anos que eu não escrevo dessa maneira e não há garantias de que voltarei a faze-lo, então, enjoy! If you can.. I kinda know You will.
- Willyans

Billy: Oh hello Reasonable one, since when are you listening?

Vickl: Listening to what? You ain't said anything

Billy: Yeah, was just thinking, fortunately

Vickl: Thinking on what?

Billy: None of your business

Vickl: Long time you don't say that, you are not going to put us in trouble are you ?

Billy: Long time The Chief doesn't allow us to talk. I never put us in trouble.

Vickl: Should I do a list?

Billy: No, that time has gone.

Vickl: I hope so.

BIlly: You so passionate

Vickl: Passion is your department. I solve things

Billy: You could let me drive decisions

Vickl: For what? Creating more demands for me to solve.

Billy: Solving things is your department. I just help you see the unescapable truth you try to ignore

Vickl: What was you thinking about Emotion?

Billy: Doesn't matter, The Chief already knows

Vickl: Shit.

- Something is awakening.. The crew is chaos.

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